Bonetown, a 3D adventure sex game

Bowntown is a 3D adventure game with just about every aspect of a good adult game:
It's violent: you have to beat up some guys using your fists, baseball bats…
There's porn: to get back some life you have to have sex
It's against any kind of moral: involving drug, stealing, prostitution..

For an adult game, Bonetown realisation is really impressive. Of course the graphics and the 3D is not as good as the latest consoles hits but it's still very well done.

At the beginning of the game you're on a beach in Bonetown and you can go anywhere you want in a 3D world. There's missions you've got to do a bit like in GTA. You can interact with the other characters and the relationships you will find are divided in 2 categories :

The guys: you can try to beat them up to still their money, their drugs, their weapon on their clothes. Harder they are to beat, more stuff they've got to offer.

The chicks: you can try to pick them up to get back some life

For all that, your character is defined by 2 characteristics:
*His strength: stronger he is easier it is to beat guys up
*The size of his balls: bigger they are, hotter are the chicks you can pick up (isn't the life wonderful)

Once you've win a fight against a guy you can take his clothes and doing so, you get his characteristics. In an other hands, by loosing you will be naked and have zero characteristics – you'll become weak with small balls! That's a bit of a problem as once you've got a strong character, you get frustrated if you loose it.

When you meet a girl you can ask for a blowjob, sex or straight to anal, whatever you prefer.

A blowjob will give you back some life, if while having sex with her, you make her cum, your balls will get bigger, and if she lets you go wild in her bottom, you get both : bigger balls and more life. But in Bonetown it's like in real life, it's not always easy to find girls for number 2.

There's 2 main bad points: the game is sometimes a bit repetitive and it's to hard. I'm not a big pro of this kind of game and it has been really difficult for me to finish. But still there's plenty of funny stuff to do and if you're into adventure games, you can not dislike Bonetown.


If you want to get the downloadable version, it will cost you 40$

To get it in your letterbox, it will be 50$

Strong and weak points

Strong points:

  • - Good realisation and 3D for an adult game
  • - Addictive and really funny to play
  • - Free Demo

Weak points:

  • - Too hard to finish
  • - A bit repetitive

Final score

Originality18 / 20
Erotism16 / 20
Realisation17 / 20
Value for money16 / 20
Global17 / 20