Uplay-Istrip Sexy Chess

In Uplay-Istrip's latest game, you challenge a girl at chess. The concept is a bit different, and the show's are more explicit. Once again, a great game.

I think I can assume you know what chess is all about. In this version, you play against the girl you choose, and each time you take one of her valuable pieces, she puts on a special show. For example, if you take her Knight, she will flash you her boobs, and for the Queen, you can see her pussy.

Once you've won the game, she does a full strip and you have then the option to start again with the girl fully naked – its winners prerogative. Currently, Sexy chess is the most explicit game in the Uplay-Istrip collection.

In terms of screen layout you can choose between 3 different views to play:

1. The board is between you and the girl. It's like that you can see the most of her but it's not always easy to see the all game.
2. The top view: Great to play but you don't see the girl. (You miss a bit the point of the SEXY chess!).
3. The 3rd choice is a mix between the 2 first. You see the girl while she's playing but once is your go, you've got the top view.

You change the angle clicking on the button located on the right side of the screen.

There are also three levels of difficulty. I'm far to be a master of chess and the first level was hard enough for me.


There's only 3 girls available so far. You can get any of them for $11.
You've got
Bianca: Beautiful blond, massive boobs, very cheeky.
Davon Kim: Asian chicks, big boobs, naughty as well, but her voice pisses me off a bit.
Melissa: cute french girl but not as good as the 2 first ones.

Strong and weak points

Strong points:

  • - interactivity
  • - hot chicks
  • - free demo

Weak points:

  • - only 3 girls available so far
  • - not always easy to see all the pieces

Final score

Originality17 / 20
Erotism18 / 20
Realisation16 / 20
Value for money15 / 20
Global16 / 20