Uplay-Istrip Strip-Poker Texas Hold'em

Uplay-Istrip Strip Poker is for me the best strip poker game available today. If you like Texas Hold'em and hot chicks there's no way you won't like it. Uplay-Istrip.com is a website offering a full collection of strip games with interactive video. You can find other review about them on this website.

The Uplay-Istrip games concept is always quite the same, you play a game against one or several opponents who react to the game situation in video sequences. The realism sensation is total and the girls are smoking hot.

Strip texas hold'em game on you PC

In the strip-poker game, you play against 1, 2, 3 or 4 girls of your choice to the Texas Hold'em No Limit. You start with 100, 200 or $300 depending of the level of difficulty you choose. The girls start with $500, it can seem unfair but you don't have to strip. If, during the game, a girl has less than $400 left, she has to put off an item of clothing. If she goes under $300 she put off another one.. When she has less than $100, she plays naked and when she has nothing left, she does sexy for you before telling you good bye.

The game ends once you've got all the money but it's not easy to manage this. It's a real poker game so you won't have a flush every 3 hands.

At the moment there's 34 different girls available and a new one is added approx once a month. They are not all hot according my taste but some of them are really sexy girls. My favourites so far are Bianca, Nadine, Tea, Carmen, Lucky and Sandy.

When you start the program you can choose the girls between the one belonging to you collection. If it's possible to play with less than 4 girls, I don't think it's the best way to do. It makes the game harder and less sexy.

At any time you can press the space bar and the game disappears. Handy to play at work.

There's no music in the game and it's not a problem if you play with the girls that speak (the last ones) but for the other it's a bit of miss.

When the game start, the girls introduce themselves, each player is dealt and we go!
For poker amateurs, it's a Texas Hold'em no limit, Big blind is at $10 and don't increase (and that's sometime a pity).

Each time a girl plays, you can see a video sequence of her where she tells you that she calls, raises, or fold. If, when it's your go, you take a little to long to play, one of the girl will do something to tease you. And I can tell that sometimes it's worth waiting few seconds.

To finish I can tell you that it's with no doubt the best strip poker game I've played and that you can really give it a try.

Strong and weak points

Strong points:

  • - Realism and interactivity
  • - Elegant game interface
  • - Models available (quality and quantity wise)
  • - Free Demo

Weak points:

  • - No save feature
  • - No music for the girls who don't talk

Final score

Originality19 / 20
Erotism17 / 20
Realisation18 / 20
Value for money17 / 20
Global19 / 20