Uplay-Istrip Strip Sudoku

Another Uplay-Istrip game: you have to solve Sudoku puzzle while a girl is dancing near the board. The more naked she gets, the more distracting she becomes and harder the game is to complete (or more pleasurable, depending on your aim!).

It seems like an odd idea to do a strip version of a Sudoku game and I'm not totally convinced by the result. The graphics, the video and the chicks kick ass, to the standard of the other Uplay-Istrip games, but I'm not at all a big Sudoku fan. It's a pity for me, because it's maybe the game with the best looking girls.

So in fact, if Sudoku is really your thing, you will love the game and if like me, you find it boring, go for the poker!


You pay per girl, and you download it so it cannot expire.
A girl is $11, the pack of 4 $30.

(My advice; all the girls are hot but Morgane and Lisa are a bit more cheeky when they dance naked!)

Strong and weak points

Strong points:

  • - Hot girls
  • - Naughty show
  • - Free Demo

Weak points:

  • - Lack of interactivity with the model
  • - Sudoku is just not for me

Final score

Originality14 / 20
Erotism15 / 20
Realisation14 / 20
Value for money15 / 20
Global14 / 20