Uplay-Istrip Strip4, a connect 4 game with erotic videos

Strip 4 is a strip version of the game “Connect 4”. If you like to spend time on Thai beaches, you should think about this game with a big smile on your face. Easy to understand how it works : you play the game against a girl, if you manage to win, she removes an item of clothes…

Once again, it's not the first game you would think about to do in strip version, but the result is impressing. Nuder the chick gets, tougher the game is, and harder it get to focus.

Like always with uplay-istrip games, there's a free demo. You play with a girl named Bijou, and I can tell you she's got everything she needs to make you want to buy the game!

No difficulty level for this one. If you should manage quite easily to see her in her underwear, but it isn't that simple to see her fully naked.

Otherwise, the game interface is elegant and the video awesome. Like for the poker, no background music, but for the last girls, you can hear them speak while playing.

The real quality of this game is the amazing interactivity. It really feels like you are playing against the girl for real. So it can be less addictive than the strip poker or the sexy belote, but it's still a great game.


You pay once and you can play without limit of time.
A girl cost $11 and a pack of 4 $30.
7 girls are available at the moment.

I found uplay-istrip while searching for stuff about Ashley Robbins (Jana in this game). I'm a big fan, so according to me, if you have to buy a girl for this game, don't hesitate and go for her. She has the most wonderful pair of boobs I've ever seen.
The other girls are really hot as well, especially Mia and Bijou. Angelina (Angelina Crow) does some pretty cheeky stuff in her show and is definitively worth a look.




Strong and weak points

Strong points:

  • - Ashley Robbins
  • - Ashley Robbins
  • - Ashley Robbins!!!
  • - Interactivity
  • - Originality
  • - Free Demo

Weak points:

  • - Not always hot enough
  • - Lack of music

Final score

Originality19 / 20
Erotism17 / 20
Realisation19 / 20
Value for money17 / 20
Global17 / 20