VirtuaGirl HD, sexy girls dancing on your desktop

VirtuaGirl has been around for 10 years in one way or another, already enjoyed by more than a million fans of pretty chicks and strip tease worldwide. The concept never changed, you download the software for free and gorgeous girls come and dance on the desktop of your PC.

If you choose to buy the software (by subscription or pay per girl), you can enjoy more explicit shows or fully nude, depending on the model.

By default (but the settings are at your personal preference), you've got a show every 15 minutes that go from the little provocative, teasing dance to really naughty girl girl action.

Both the website and the software are amazingly well done and easy to use. You can give your opinion on every model and read other user's review before selecting your next performer. The number of girls available is impressive, with every taste catered for. Some of the shows involve 2 girls and it's often a good choice.

The lack of interactivity with the model is the only bad point of the software, but the quality of the video, the realisation and the super sexy strippers make of VirtuaGirl HD a must have software on your computer.


2 way to buy girls on VirtuaGirl :

* Subscription :
6 months for $59,70 – $9,95 a month with 10 free tickets
3 months for $38,85 – $12,95 a month with 5 free tickets
1 months for $14,95 with 2 free tickets
You get a new girl every day of your subscription

* By ticket :
1 ticket for $2
3 tickets for $5
7 tickets for $10
20 tickets for $25
50 tickets for $50

You can add a girl to your collection for 2 tickets, but frequent special offers give you opportunity to get a girl for 1 ticket.

To try it out, I'd advise you to start with tickets. For example you get 7 for $10. You go straight to Ashley Robbins Sexy Secretary show, it's a must have!

Then, girls like Ariel, Morgane, Marta, Jana H and Carye are definitively worth a look. I know it's a question of taste but with these chicks, it's hard to go wrong.

Then, buy a duo on the special offer card of the moment and you will have to pretty good idea of what the software has to offer. And if like me you think it's great, go for the subscription!

Strong and weak points

Strong points:

  • - The amazing quality of the video and the realisation
  • - Hundreds of beautiful girl and a new show a day
  • - Free Demo
  • - Ticket system so you can give a try without spending to much

Weak points:

  • - Lack of interactivity

Final score

Originality17 / 20
Erotism18 / 20
Realisation20 / 20
Value for money16 / 20
Global18 / 20