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You will find here all the games that aim to remove all your opponents clothes. And ther’s not only Strip Poker games! In this category, the most accomplished games are probably the game collection of Uplay-Istrip but other interesting stuff does exist. Come on, who never dreamt of seeing the cute girl next door naked?!

Strip-Poker xXx


Strip-Poker.xxx, an online strip poker game Strip-Poker xXx is a brand new video strip poker game. It's the first one ever created you can play online, right into your browser, without having to download anything. But there is even more: it is also multiplayer… Here comes the first online multiplayer strip poker game. Basically, the [...]


Uplay-Istrip Strip-Poker Texas Hold’em


Uplay-Istrip Strip-Poker Texas Hold'em Uplay-Istrip Strip Poker is for me the best strip poker game available today. If you like Texas Hold'em and hot chicks there's no way you won't like it. Uplay-Istrip.com is a website offering a full collection of strip games with interactive video. You can find other review about them on this [...]


Uplay-Istrip Sexy Belote


Uplay-Istrip Sexy Belote, a strip card game The belote is an old French card game I've never heard of before playing this one. The rules are not easy to understand at first but once you get it, it's quite interesting to play and the combination of interactive video and hot chicks make this a very [...]


VirtuaGirl HD


VirtuaGirl HD, sexy girls dancing on your desktop VirtuaGirl has been around for 10 years in one way or another, already enjoyed by more than a million fans of pretty chicks and strip tease worldwide. The concept never changed, you download the software for free and gorgeous girls come and dance on the desktop of [...]


Uplay-Istrip Strip4, an erotic connect 4 game


Uplay-Istrip Strip4, a connect 4 game with erotic videos Strip 4 is a strip version of the game “Connect 4”. If you like to spend time on Thai beaches, you should think about this game with a big smile on your face. Easy to understand how it works : you play the game against a [...]


Uplay-Istrip Strip Sudoku


Uplay-Istrip Strip Sudoku Another Uplay-Istrip game: you have to solve Sudoku puzzle while a girl is dancing near the board. The more naked she gets, the more distracting she becomes and harder the game is to complete (or more pleasurable, depending on your aim!). It seems like an odd idea to do a strip version [...]


Uplay-Istrip Sexy Chess


Uplay-Istrip Sexy Chess In Uplay-Istrip's latest game, you challenge a girl at chess. The concept is a bit different, and the show's are more explicit. Once again, a great game. I think I can assume you know what chess is all about. In this version, you play against the girl you choose, and each time [...]